Nesting amidst the lush green paddy fields, under a canopy of majestic coconut trees, beside the intricate patterns woven by canals, is Travancore Cements Ltd, - the house of White Cement. Bustling with activity against the sylvan landscape, it is a place where Art and Nature merge and mingle.

The Travancore Cements Limited was incorporated in the year 1946. The year of commencement of business was also 1946. The company started manufacture of Grey Cement in the year 1949. The licensed capacity of the plant was 50,800 tones of Cement per annum.

During 1959, the company diversified into the production of white Portland Cement. The installed capacity for the production of White Cement is 30000 tonnes per annum. Till 1974, the Company was manufacturing both White Cement and Grey Cement in the same plant, distributing the production of the two, over certain periods in a year. Since 1974, the company manufactured White Cement alone, as the demand for White Cement went up.

During the last 60 years of its existence, TCL has diversified its activities to related areas by adding ''Vembanad' brand ordinary portland cement, 'Super Shelcem' brand Cement Paint and 'Shelprime' dry Cement Primer besides 'Sheltex' Acrylic Emulsion Paint for interiors and exteriors to its products range.

The Travancore Cements Limited is the only manufacturer, perhaps in the whole world, producing White Cement from a raw material other than conventional limestone. The main raw material of TCL is lime shell, which is dredged out of Vembanad Lake, one of the backwaters of Kerala. As it does not contain any magnesium oxide, the White Cement made out of lime shell is highly durable and superior in quality.

* The Company has taken the ISO 9002 Certification during the year 2000.  During the year 2003 it switched over to ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Following are the milestones in the history of TCL

  • Started production of Grey Cement in August 1949.
  • Started production White Cement in 1959
  • Grey Cement production stopped in 1976.
  • Diversified into Cement Paint production in 1977.
  • Celebrated Silver Jubilee in 1972.
  • Became a Government Company in April 1989.
  • Celebrated Golden Jubilee in 1997.
  • Dry Cement Primer 'Shelprime' production started in January 2000.
  • Acrylic Emulsion Paint for exterior & Interior. Sheltex launched in April 2000.
  • Started production of 'Vembanad' 43 grade OPC in September 2000.

  • * ISO 9001:2000 certification received for the Company during December 2003.

    The Cement Plant of TCL is situated on the bank of Kodoor River and on the side of the State Highway
    M.C. Road, 4 Km away from the town of Kottayam in Kerala.